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Japanese Patent JPH08261443
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PURPOSE: To use one kind of burner controller for a gas burner and an oil burner.

CONSTITUTION: A burner controller 30 is provided with a flame detecting circuit 31 for gas burner, a flame detecting circuit 32 for oil burner, an OR element 33, a connecting condition judging unit 34, a select switch 35 and a microcomputer 36. When the burner controller is used for gas burner, the connecting condition judging unit 34 judges that a harness 39 for gas burner is connected and selects a switch for gas by operating the select switch 35. In the microcomputer 36, the judging result of the connecting condition judging unit 374 is collated with a signal from the select switch 35 and only when they are coinciding, the combustion control of a gas burner 1 is effected. When the controller is used for an oil burner, a harness for oil burner is connected and the select switch 35 is thrown into oil side.

Suzuki, Haruhiko
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Publication Date:
October 11, 1996
Filing Date:
March 22, 1995
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International Classes:
F23N5/08; F23D17/00; F23K5/00; F23N1/00; F23N5/12; (IPC1-7): F23N1/00; F23D17/00; F23N1/00; F23N5/08
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鵜沼 辰之