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Japanese Patent JP2019082225
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To provide a cable operation mechanism that suppresses, at an end part of a second cylindrical member guiding a first cylindrical member including a metal member, the second cylindrical member from being ground by the first cylindrical member and the first cylindrical member from being caught so as to smoothly operate the first cylindrical member.SOLUTION: A cable operation mechanism 1 has a first operation object, a second operation object, an inner cable 2 connected to the first operation object, a first cylindrical member T1 covering an outer periphery of the inner cable 2, a second cylindrical member T2 covering an outer periphery of the first cylindrical member T1, and a holding member Ch holding the second cylindrical member T2. The second cylindrical member T2 has a diameter-increased end part T211 which is increased in diameter toward an end and a protection end part T221 which is provided on the opposite side from the diameter-increased end part T211, and the first cylindrical member T1 has an actuation end part T111 which extends from the diameter-increased end part T211 to connect with the second operation object, and an operation end part T121 which extends from the protection end part T221.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

渡邉 知也
田中 英樹
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May 30, 2019
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October 31, 2017
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F16C1/14; F16C1/22; F16C1/26
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