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Japanese Patent JPH04181050
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PURPOSE: To simplify a mechanism and improve reliability by constituting the mechanism of a cam gear having a teeth part provided with teeth missing parts, a cam part to control and a cam part to be controlled, a trigger lever having a delay blasting means and an electromagnetic means to keep the trigger lever in a blocking position.

CONSTITUTION: A control mechanism 7 has a cam gear 10, a driving gear 25, a trigger lever 27 and an electromagnetic plunger 36. Teeth parts 18a, 18b and 18c and teeth missing parts 19a, 19b and 19c are arranged on the gear 10. A cam 20 to control is arranged on a main part 16, and a push-pressed pin 9 arranged on a slider is positioned inside a cam part 20 so as to slide freely. The push-pressed pin 9 is push-pressed according to positions of the cam 20 to control, so that a position of a mode switching slider can be determined. When lock on the cam gear is released, its position moves from a blocking position of the trigger lever to a non-blocking position so that initial rotation is carried out, and since return of the trigger lever is carried out by means of the driving gear, special parts are not required so that its structure can be simplified. The levers can be regulated quite accurately by means of a cam groove to control, so that reliability can be improved.

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Publication Date:
June 29, 1992
Filing Date:
November 13, 1990
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F16H37/12; F16D43/26; F16H25/18; F16H31/00; G05G1/00; G05G5/00; G11B15/10; G11B15/18; (IPC1-7): F16H37/12; G05G5/00; G11B15/10