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Japanese Patent JP2010107710
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To provide a camera body capable of more efficiently estimating and calculating information about the brightness of an interchangeable lens while accommodating various interchangeable lenses.

The camera body has a CPU. The CPU acquires an open aperture value table from the interchangeable lens, sequentially acquires a zoom position from the interchangeable lens, transmits an aperture value to the interchangeable lens to adjust a diaphragm, acquires differential information about the dimension of a difference, based on the transmitted aperture value when the aperture value is transmitted, between the transmitted aperture value and an aperture value found in compliance with the open aperture value table and the zoom position obtained immediately before, and after acquiring the differential information, estimates a current aperture value of the interchangeable lens by using the differential information, the zoom position and the acquired open aperture value table when acquiring the zoom position.

Shibuno, Koji
Ueda, Hiroshi
Application Number:
Publication Date:
May 13, 2010
Filing Date:
October 30, 2008
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International Classes:
G03B7/20; G03B7/095; G03B17/14
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
内藤 浩樹
岩橋 文雄
永野 大介