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Japanese Patent JPH09211603
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To make it impossible to operate a motor even when a shutter button is operated to be pushed down by letting a switch to be in a first state in which operation of a film feed circuit is made impossible when a film cartridge is not charged.

A switch 36 is connected between both terminals of a capacitor 24b, and when a film cartridge is charged, the switch 36 is in OFF condition, so that the short-circuit condition of the capacitor 24b is released. Consequently, by ON operation of a switch 40 accompanying the pushing-down operation of a shutter button, normally rotational drive of a motor 24 is begun, and a film is wound up by one frame. When the film cartridge is not charged, the switch 36 is held in ON condition, the capacitor 24b is in the short-circuit condition, hence even if the shutter button is operated to be pushed down, the motor 24 is not driven, needless current consumption is prevented, and the life of a power battery can be prolonged.

Naka, Youji
Takamura, Masashi
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Publication Date:
August 15, 1997
Filing Date:
January 30, 1996
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G03B17/00; G03B17/02; G03B17/28; (IPC1-7): G03B17/00; G03B17/02; G03B17/28
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柳田 征史 (外1名)