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Japanese Patent JP2019005097
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To provide a cane holder, for the purpose of solving inconvenience in which a cane is once released from the hand to make it stand against other object and of solving difficulty in picking up a fallen cane, when an aged person or the like uses a cane and needs both hands at the reception of a hospital, at the counter of public facilities, and for shopping, for example.SOLUTION: The insertion part 21 of a hanging device 2 is attached by inserting in a waist part such as a belt of male trousers, a female skirt and slacks, with the thumb of a hand holding the grip 51 of a cane 5 made to touch an upper part of a projection 32a. Then, the position of the cane 5 is ascertained, with the steel plate 41 of an attachment 4 attracted to the magnet 31 of a support material 3a, with the cane 5 retained at the waist part, and with both hands made free. The hanging device 2 and the attachment 4 are connected to a connection cord 62 with a ring string 61 and, even if the grip 51 of the cane 5 is detached from a hand, the grip 51 can be held by pulling the connection cord 62 closer. In the case where a tensile force above 5-10 Kg is imparted to the connection cord 62, a safety device 7a is activated, separating the connection cord 62, with safety secured simultaneously.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 8

小林 克子
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January 17, 2019
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June 23, 2017
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小林 克子
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