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Japanese Patent JPS6429679
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PURPOSE: To always hold a pressure at the inlet of a vaporizer at a specified value irrespective of a flow rate of a coolant, by a method wherein, in a compressor used for a car air conditioner, the motion point of an on-off valve for intercommunicating a crank chamber and a suction chamber is changed according to a suction flow rate of a coolant.

CONSTITUTION: With a main shaft 2 rotated, a rocking plate 7 effects rocking motion through a rotor 5, and a piston 10 is reciprocatively moved through a piston rod 8. Thereby, a coolant in a suction chamber 14 is compressed by means of a cylinder 9 and is delivered to a delivery chamber 15. In this case, a coolant reduces a pressure in a pressure loss detecting passage 18. When a pressure in a crank chamber 4 is increased to a value higher than a force (the energizing force of a bellows 21 less a force by a pressure loss), energizing a piston 22 leftward, the piston 22 is moved rightward, and a pressure in the crank chamber 4 is escaped to the suction chamber 14 through a communicating passage 1d. This constitution causes change of an inclination angle of a swash plate 16 with the main shaft 2 and change of a compression capacity.

Terauchi, Kiyoshi
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January 31, 1989
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July 24, 1987
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F04B27/14; F04B25/04; F04B27/18; (IPC1-7): F04B27/08

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