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Japanese Patent JPH06193512
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PURPOSE: To provide sufficient control at throttling times and idle cycle times by arranging a thin flexible reed valve for controlling the gas flow to a Venturi passage in response to the vacuum level of a nozzle.

CONSTITUTION: A check valve 100 is closed because the vacuum level in an idle port 58 is higher than the vacuum level in a nozzle 34 when a gas carburetor with a throttle valve 44 is idling. Fuel is sucked from a fuel inlet without air sucked from the nozzle 34. Fuel mixed with air in a Venturi is supplied to the engine only from the idle port 58. When the throttle is open, the vacuum level in the nozzle 34 becomes higher, and the check valve 100 is opened. Fuel is supplied to the engine mainly through the nozzle 34, but the flow of throttle of intermediate opening is supplied by both an idle jet and a main jet. Thus, very clean and more effective combustion is achieved, therefore, the carburetor can be used in places where air pollution is a problem.

Cotton, Kenneth J.
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July 12, 1994
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July 20, 1993
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F02D19/02; F02M7/22; F02M21/02; F02M21/04; F16K15/16; F02B43/00; F02B75/02; (IPC1-7): F02M21/04; F16K15/16
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瀧野 秀雄 (外2名)