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Japanese Patent JP2007162614
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To well maintain the operating state of an engine up to the idle operation by a fuel feed system for starting and automatically adjust the air-fuel mixture to an appropriate concentration during the high-speed operation in a carburetor for a bi-starter type gasoline engine.

This carburetor 1A for the gasoline engine comprises an automatic opening/closing mechanism 9 for automatically controlling to open/close a fuel feed passage, a fuel sump 60 in a well 6A under the oil level, and a fuel feed system for starting connecting a float chamber 5A to an intake passage separately from the main fuel feed system. A second bypass air bleed passage 4c is connected to the fuel feed passage between the well 6A and the automatic opening/closing mechanism 9 from the intake air passage side. Air is introduced by the time of the idle operation after the start of the engine to thin the mixture for starting for manufacturing a sustainable air-fuel mixture. During the high-speed operation after the automatic opening/closing mechanism 9 is closed, the air-fuel mixture for starting is fed into the intake passage. In this case, the carburetor functions also as a richer for high-speeds.

Kawase, Korehito
Kiyono, Koichi
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Publication Date:
June 28, 2007
Filing Date:
December 15, 2005
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F02M7/23; F02M1/06; F02M1/10; F02M3/12; F02M7/06
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橋本 克彦
橋本 京子