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Japanese Patent JPH06167249
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PURPOSE: To be adapted to different atmospheric pressure caused by weather irrelative to elevation of the place of use by changing at least one of the air component and fuel component for producing a mixture by means of the open position of a compensation valve in dependence of the ambient air pressure.

CONSTITUTION: A carburetor has a suction duct 1 for producing a mixture of an air component and a fuel component, and a throttle flap valve 3 is arranged downstream of a Venturi portion 2 therein. An idling nozzle 9 communicated with the rotational range of the throttle flap valve 3 and a main nozzle 10 communicated with the Venturi portion 2 upstream of the throttle flap valve 3 are provided. They are communicated with an adjusting chamber 8 via a plurality of throttles 5-7 respectively. Fuel is supplied to the adjusting chamber 8 via a supply valve 11. In such a structure, at least one of the components for producing the mixture can be changed by a compensation valve 20. The open position of the compensation valve 20 can be adjusted by an adjustment device 30 in dependence of the ambient air pressure.

Barth, Thilo
Schliemann, Harald
Krebs, Rudolf
Nickel, Hans
Gerhardy, Reinhard
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Publication Date:
June 14, 1994
Filing Date:
August 18, 1993
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F02M7/20; F02M7/28; F02M17/04; (IPC1-7): F02M7/28; F02M17/04
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伊藤 武久 (外1名)

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