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Japanese Patent JP2009013879
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To easily perform accurate altitude correction in a carburetor of an engine by allowing to realize a good air-fuel ratio according to the altitude where the engine is used with a simple structure.

The carburetor 1A is equipped with a main nozzle 40 extended upward from a main well 4 suspended from a constant fuel chamber 20 and in which the tip end side is opened in a suction passage 2, and discharges fuel introduced into the main nozzle 40 from the constant fuel chamber 20 via a main jet 11 to the suction passage 2 while mixing it with air introduced to the main well 4 via a main air bleed passage 9. A bypass air passage 10 is provided connectedly to the main air bleed passage 9 for increasing the main air bleed flow rate. A flow rate controlling means capable of controlling the air flow rate of the bypass passage 10 from the outside is provided. A desired air-fuel ratio is obtained by operating and setting the flow rate control means so as to increase the main air bleed flow rate as the altitude where the engine use altitude becomes high.

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January 22, 2009
Filing Date:
July 05, 2007
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F02M7/12; F02M3/10; F02M3/12; F02M7/00; F02M7/24
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橋本 克彦
橋本 京子