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Japanese Patent JP2011058471
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To prevent action of a float arm at an engagement part of a needle valve and the float arm from being obstructed while enabling release of fixation of the needle valve and a valve seat, irrespective of magnitude of float up-and-down direction motion amplitude in a carburetor in which a needle valve end is made of rubber material.

The carburetor includes the needle valve 4A having a flange 41A engaged with the engagement groove 23 of the float arm 20B in such a manner that the same can slide in an up-and-down direction, and maintains an oil level surface in a flat chamber 2 at prescribed height. In the carburetor, an abutment surface of the engagement part composed of a lower surface 23a and an upper surface 23b of the engagement groove 23, and an upper surface and a lower surface of the flange 41A includes a curved surface projecting upward and a curved surface projecting downward, interference to float action caused by the abutment of the flange 41A on the engagement groove 23 when the float arm 20B is inclined can be avoided even at the maximum inclination of the float arm 20B, and the engagement groove 23 has a groove width separating the tip of the needle valve 4A from the valve seat 5 at the maximum downward inclination of the float arm 20B at a section in which the flange 41A is inserted.

Naka, Yoshiharu
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March 24, 2011
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September 14, 2009
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橋本 克彦
橋本 京子