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Japanese Patent JPH07310601
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PURPOSE: To unite fuel systems into a single system constitution of which is simplified and to perform the stable feed of fuel in a proper air-fuel ratio by a method wherein throttle parts are respectively arranged in an air introduction passage and a fuel passage and the sectional area of the throttle part on the air introduction passage side is increased to a value higher than that of the throttle part in the fuel passage.

CONSTITUTION: When a negative pressure in an intake pipe is not so high, an amount of air passing through an intake throttle valve 5 proportions a fuel feed amount metered by a fuel metering part 20 and an air-fuel ratio is kept at a constant value. Further, though, when a negative pressure in the intake pipe is high, a flow rate of intake air flowing through the intake throttle part 5 is reduced to a low value owing to the influence of compressibility, a total sum of the areas of the throttle parts 18, 18b, and 18c of an air introduction passage 16 is higher than the area of the throttle part 19 of a fuel passage 17, whereby a pressure difference exerted on the throttle part 19 of a fuel passage 17 is increased and an amount of air flowing through the throttle part 19 of the fuel passage 17 is decreased. In this case, a pressure difference is decreased by an amount equivalent to a decrease in a flow rate of air and a negative pressure in a control pressure chamber 12 is decreased, and a flow rate of fuel is also decreased to correct an air-fuel ratio.

Minoura, Mikio
Suzuki, Satoru
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Publication Date:
November 28, 1995
Filing Date:
May 16, 1994
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F02M9/06; F02M7/22; F02M19/06; (IPC1-7): F02M9/06; F02M7/22; F02M19/06