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Japanese Patent JPS6013962
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PURPOSE: To permit to supply proper fuel to the carburettor upon starting of an engine by a method wherein the starter of a throttle valve bypass path is closed after a predetermined time to supply auxiliary fuel to the upstream of the throttle valve upon only the warm-up of the engine.

CONSTITUTION: Upon starting the engine, a thermo-wax 36 pulls a rod 37 and a plate 27 opens piston valves 23, 24 through a spring 34. By the opening of the valve 23, fuel from a nozzle 2 is mixed and a rich mixture is supplied to the bypass path 9 of the throttle valve. In this case, when the throttle valve is opened suddenly, vacuum of the downstream of the throttle valve is reduced and the amount of fuel from the nozzle 2 is reduced, however, vacuum until a sliding piston 4 effects on the nozzle 15 at the upstream of the throttle valve to supply the fuel from an auxiliary fuel path and maintain the richness of the mixture. The thermo-wax pushes a rod 37 out after a predetermined time by the heating of a PTC heater 38 to close the piston valves 23, 24 and, thus, the warm-up of the engine is finished automatically.

Okada, Keiichi
Abe, Kazuto
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Publication Date:
January 24, 1985
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July 05, 1983
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F02M1/06; F02M1/04; F02M7/17; (IPC1-7): F02M1/06
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