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Japanese Patent JPH04163365
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PURPOSE: To enable to efficiently wash a carpet and shorten a drying time of the washed carpet by intermittently carrying the carpet in a downward- directed and developed state and subsequently alternately jetting washing water and compressed air on the surface of the carpet.

CONSTITUTION: A carpet developed on a floor is coated with a cleanser and washed with a rotary brush, etc. The carpet is set in a downward-directed state on an apron 2 of a washer and carried to a place below a press roller shaft 12 with a carrying belt 3. The shaft 12 is moved downward through an air cylinder 11 to nip the carpet between the shaft 12 and the belt 3, and the carpet is carried on wires 20 and temporarily stopped. A press plate 22 is moved downward to press the carpet. Washing water is sprayed from a spray nozzle 24 and simultaneously a transferring frame 23 is reciprocatively moved in the width direction to wash down the cleanser on the surface of the carpet. The press plate 22 is subsequently moved upward, and the carpet is carried at a constant distance. Compressed air is blown on the carpet from nozzle 24 to blown off the washing water and adherents such as dusts. The operations are repeated to successively wash the carpet.

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Publication Date:
June 08, 1992
Filing Date:
October 24, 1990
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D06B1/02; D06B1/04; D06B5/02; D06G1/00; (IPC1-7): D06B1/02; D06B1/04; D06B5/02; D06G1/00