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Japanese Patent JP3456115
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a cassette adaptor by which a signal can be transmitted with good efficiency without generating a cross talk.
SOLUTION: Dummy tape pieces 50, 51 are installed so as to be adjacent to both sides of ribs 50b, 51b which are installed at the front of a head cover 53. A magnetic head 58 for signal feeding is fixed so as to have a prescribed positional relationship with them. The head cover 53 is urged to the direction of X1 by spring pieces 62b, 62c at a head spring 62 which is fixed to a pin 60a, and it is urged to the direction of a lower case 2 by a spring piece 62d. When a cassette adaptor is inserted into a reproducing apparatus, the dummy tape pieces 50, 51 are guided to the width wise direction of a tape by a partner tape guide. In addition, when the ribs 50b, 51b come into contact with the front of a partner head, the head cover 53 is guided to the running direction of the tape, and the magnetic head 58 for signal feeding is aligned precisely with a partner magnetic head for tape reproduction.

Houjiyou, Akushi
Yoshiya, Koji
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Publication Date:
October 14, 2003
Filing Date:
June 16, 1997
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G11B33/06; G11B23/04; G11B25/06; G11B31/00; G11B31/02; (IPC1-7): G11B33/06
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岩橋 文雄 (外2名)