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Japanese Patent JP2009057691
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To eliminate the process of welding a flange to a pile by integrally forming the pile and the flange mounted to the end of the pile.

An upper pile 10 includes the flange 11 provided with a plurality of through holes 12 for fitting a reinforcement bar; a straight pipe-like pile body 21; and a connecting part 31 disposed between the flange 11 and the pile body 21, and these members are previously integrally cast in a factory. In the upper pile 10, the flange 11 is formed at one end, and the straight pipe-like pile body 21 having a smaller diameter than the flange 11 is formed extending from the flange 11 through the connecting part 31. That is, the diameter is gradually reduced extending from one side to the other side, and also the surface is formed flat. Thus, after the members are previously integrally cast in the factory, the members are extracted from one end flange 11 side, whereby the upper pile 10 can be easily taken out from the casting form.

Shibata, Atsushi
Yukimatsu, Sakae
Inada, Hitoshi
Ochi, Takatoshi
Eguchi, Hiroyuki
Takahashi, Kazuki
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Publication Date:
March 19, 2009
Filing Date:
August 29, 2007
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International Classes:
E02D5/28; E02D5/24; E02D5/56
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
根本 恵司

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