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Japanese Patent JPH04317811
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PURPOSE: To enable caster angle and caster trail to be varied in a desired mode by employing such a construction where intermediate parts of an upper link and a lower link are pivotally connected to the upper and lower ends of a pivot link which is supported by a bearing to a chassis rotatably around a vertical axial line.

CONSTITUTION: The outer ends of an upper arm 16 and of a lower arm 18 whose inner ends are pivotally supported by joints 20 and 22 on a chassis are pivoted on the upper and lower ends of a carrier 10 which supports a wheel 14 through a bearing 12. One end of each of an upper link 36 and a lower link 38 is pivotally connected to the upper arm 16 and the lower arm 18 through joints 32 and 34, and the other ends of these links 36 and 38 are pivotally connected to the upper and lower ends of a pivot link 44 by means of a bearing 48 fixed to an chassis freely rotatably around a, vertical axial line. In this case, the upper end of the pivot link 44 is offset in outboard direction from an axial line 46 and the lowe end is offset in inboard direction and the pivot link 44 is pivotally turned around the axial line 46 by an actuator 50.

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Publication Date:
November 09, 1992
Filing Date:
April 16, 1991
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International Classes:
B60G3/20; B60G17/015; B62D17/00; (IPC1-7): B60G3/20; B60G17/015; B62D17/00