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Japanese Patent JPH0696663
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PURPOSE: To maintain good electrical separation between adjacent cathode lines by providing a structure to raise a threshold voltage value for inducing electrons on field surface between adjacent emitter lines.

CONSTITUTION: Emitter cones 9 are formed on a semiconductor substrate 1, and a gate electrode 8 having such an open section as surrounding the end of the cones 9 at intervals is formed on the insulation film of the substrate 1. Also, the emitter cones 9 are divided into segments 10 in such a way that at least one segment 10 forms a constituent unit, and feeder gate electrodes and emitter lines 11 are formed for the independent matrix drive of the segments 10. Furthermore, a structure 3 is provided for raising a threshold voltage value to induce electrons on field surface between an emitter line 11 under voltage application and another emitter line 11 adjacent thereto, when operation voltage is applied to a gate electrode line and the emitter lines 11.

Toyoda, Osamu
Betsui, Keiichi
Fukuda, Shinya
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Publication Date:
April 08, 1994
Filing Date:
September 16, 1992
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International Classes:
H01J1/304; (IPC1-7): H01J1/30
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青木 朗 (外2名)