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Japanese Patent JP2010227389
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To provide a chair for infusion assuring high stability while stopping and moving.

The chair has a seat 1, a backrest 2, a legrest 4 and a footrest 3. The backrest 2 and the legrest 4 rotate to a horizontal posture. As the footrest 3 is connected to the lower end of the legrest 4, the footrest moves to the same height as the seat 1 by swinging rotation of the legrest 4. Side panels 5 are arranged on the right and left sides of the seat 1. The chair has a body 17 with a frame structure. The body 17 has right and left forward sections 19a extending forward of the seat 1, and front wheels 6 are arranged on the forward sections 19a. The footrest 3 is supported by the forward sections 19a. The body 17 also has backward sections 18a, and rear wheels 7 are arranged on the backward sections 18a. Because the front wheels 6 are arranged on the forward sections 19a, the chair has high stability.

Takehara, Shigenori
Kenishi, Masaichi
Tamura, Mitsuhiro
Kuwahada, Ken
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Publication Date:
October 14, 2010
Filing Date:
March 27, 2009
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International Classes:
A61G1/02; A47C13/00; A61G5/00; A61G13/00; A61G13/04; A61G15/04; A61G15/12
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