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Japanese Patent JP2011160976
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To provide a chair in which the fall of work performance at the time of assembly by a dimension error generated between a leg body and a backrest is prevented, the backrest can be easily supported by the leg body, the process for supporting the backrest by the leg body is simplified, and by the reduction of assembly man-hour and the reduction of the production cost of assembly parts, an improvement in mutual assembly efficiency in the leg body, a seat support part, and the connection part of the backrest is attempted.

The upper part from the lower part in the backrest 3 is supported by a backrest support part 8, the backrest 3 is positioned to the leg body 1 by bringing the lower part in contact with the back end portion 7a of the seat support part 7, a protruded portion 30 is formed in a position near a back end in a seat body 2, and the backrest 3 is positioned to the seat body 2 by engaging the lower part of the backrest 3 with this protruded portion 30.

Masunaga, Hiroshi
Morio, Sayaka
Igarashi, Ryo
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Publication Date:
August 25, 2011
Filing Date:
February 09, 2010
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竹沢 荘一
中馬 典嗣
森 浩之