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Japanese Patent JPH08691
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PURPOSE: To enhance a check effect of a check valve by providing first and second film bodies in a water absorbing port of a bubble bathtub, and arranging slits having the same shape with ribs arranged in a support member in the respective film bodies.

CONSTITUTION: In this check valve arranged in a water supply nozzle 14 in a bubble blowout device to blow out bubbles in a bathtub, first and second film bodies 3 and 4 are arranged between a water supply port 1 and a support member 2 arranged in the water supply port 1. In the support member 2, a water passing hole 5 is partitioned by ribs 6 arranged in the support member 2, and a slit 4a having the same shape with the ribs 6 of the support member 2 is formed in the second film body 4 so as to partition an intermediate part of this water passing hole 5. A slit 3a having the same shape with the ribs 6 of the support member 2 is also formed in the first film body 3 by making a position different from the slit 4a. Both film bodies 3 and 4 bend to normalize water flow and allow the flow, and prevent a counterflow by coming into close contact with each other to the counterflow.

Teramachi, Keiichi
Inasumi, Koichi
Fujimura, Tsutomu
Shinoda, Tetsuya
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Publication Date:
January 09, 1996
Filing Date:
June 27, 1994
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International Classes:
A47K3/00; A61H23/00; F16K15/14; F16L55/00; (IPC1-7): A61H23/00; F16K15/14
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石田 長七 (外2名)