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Japanese Patent JP2018195541
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To provide a circuit breaker comprising a fixture structure capable of maintaining a hooked state by preventing the mounted circuit breaker from being detached even in a case where a slit shape of a mounting panel is varied.SOLUTION: Hooking pieces 8 and 9 to be mounted to a mounting panel 20 are provided while protruding downwards from a bottom face of a main body case 20, and a bottom of the main body case comprises a lock member including a lock part which protrudes downwards from the bottom face of the main body case for fixing the main body case to the mounting panel. The hooking pieces are inserted and hooked through a slit that opens on the mounting panel, and the lock part that is positioned inside the slit is fixed to the mounting panel by being abutted to the other end of the slit. The lock part is slidable between a lock position where the lock part protrudes downwards and an unlock position where the lock part is embedded into the main body case. The lock member includes a suspending piece which is abutted to a lateral part of the mounting panel at a front side of the lock part and blocks backward movements of the main body case.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3

水野 浩司
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December 06, 2018
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May 22, 2017
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石田 喜樹