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Japanese Patent JP2018198138
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To provide a circuit breaker by which, in a state where a hooking piece of the circuit breaker is not surely hooked in a slit of a mounting panel, such a state can be discriminated from an appearance of the mounted circuit breaker.SOLUTION: Hooking pieces 8 and 9 to be mounted onto a mounting panel 20 are provided while protruding downwards from a bottom face of a main body case 4, a circuit breaker comprises a lock member 30 including a lock piece 32 which is caused to protrude downwards from the bottom face of the main body case 4 to fix the main body case 4 to the mounting panel 20, and the lock piece 32 caused to protrude to an end portion of a front slit 21 into which the front hooking piece 8 is inserted, such that the main body case 4 is fixed to the mounting panel 20. The lock piece 32 includes: a lock piece body 32a which is hooked in the front slit 21; and a protrusion 32b that is formed at a lower end of the lock piece body 32a, and is vertically slidable between a lock position where the lock piece protrudes from the bottom face of the main body case 4 to hook the lock piece body 32a in the front slit 21 and an unlock position where the lock piece is embedded in the main body case 4 and only the protrusion 32b protrudes.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3

水野 浩司
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Publication Date:
December 13, 2018
Filing Date:
May 23, 2017
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H01H73/06; H02B1/04; H02B1/40
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石田 喜樹