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Japanese Patent JP2019008975
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To provide a circuit breaker which can be manufactured easily while reducing the manufacturing cost, by eliminating the need for adjustment of positional relationship of components in the manufacturing process.SOLUTION: A latch part 18 holds a switch 17 having a movable contact piece 21 in ON state or OFF state. An unlatch part 19 unlatches the latch part 18 holding the switch 17 in ON state. In the latch part 18, a first link 32 is linked with an operator 12, and has an engaging part 32a. A second link 33 is linked with the first link 32 and the movable contact piece 21, and has a first protrusion 33a abutting on a frame 51. A release member 34 is provided rotatably in the second link 33, and has a shaft 34a engaging with the engaging part 32a of the first link 32, and a second protrusion 34d on which the second end 30a of an armature 30 is abutted.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 12

遠藤 嵩幸
木津 翔斗
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January 17, 2019
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June 23, 2017
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