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Japanese Patent JP2019046652
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To provide a circuit breaker with high arc-extinguishing performance with a small size.SOLUTION: A circuit breaker comprises: a stationary contact having a stationary contact point; a movable contact having a movable contact point opposite to the stationary contact point; a switch mechanism part that contacts and separates to/from the stationary contact point and the movable contact point by moving the movable contact; a circuit interrupter that interrupts an arc occurred between the stationary contact point and the movable contact point; and an insulation wall part that is extended along a moving direction of the movable contact at a position on the switching mechanism part side from the stationary contact point, and regulates the movement of the arc to the switching mechanism part side. The movable contact comprises: a base part that is positioned at the switch mechanism part side from the insulation wall part, and of which an acting force by the switching mechanism part is exited to an extension direction of the insulation wall part; a tip part having the movable contact point; and a middle part which is an interference of the base part and the tip part, and in which an opening part to which the insulation wall part is inserted is formed.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 9

小樋 悠太
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March 22, 2019
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September 01, 2017
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H01H73/18; H01H9/34
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高村 順

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