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Japanese Patent JP2019053914
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To provide a circuit breaker capable of stabilizing a trip operation.SOLUTION: A switching mechanism of a circuit breaker comprises: a trip bar 17 which is rotated around a rotary shaft 17c by the action of a trip mechanism, and which has an engaging part 17b shaped into an arc along the rotation direction of the rotary shaft 17c; and a lever part 16 serving as a state-retaining member having a planar engaging part 16d to be engaged with the arc-shaped engaging part 17b. By the rotation around the rotary shaft 17c, the trip bar 17 can be changed over between: a posture for engaging the arc-shaped engaging part 17b with the planar engaging part 16d so as to bring the switching mechanism into an untripped state; and a posture for disengaging the arc-shaped engaging part 17b from the planar engaging part 16d so as to bring the switching mechanism into a tripped state. The planar engaging part 16d has a protrusion 16e protruding toward the arc-shaped engaging part 17b.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 6

滝谷 友行
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April 04, 2019
Filing Date:
September 15, 2017
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H01H71/10; H01H73/22
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高村 順

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