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Japanese Patent JP3534732
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a circulation type toilet allowing sure separation between stool and urine and maintenance-free use for a long period.
SOLUTION: The circulation type toilet comprises a urine flow adjuster 3 for adjusting the flow rate of urine discharged into a stool 2 to allow the flow through the inner wall of the stool 2, a urine container 4 communicating with a discharge port 2a of the stool 2, widespreading downward in a bellmouth shape and having a bottom, and an evacuation pipe 5 passing through the bottom of the urine container 4 and having en end separated from the inner wall of the urine container 4. It is provided with a microorganism cartridge storing a mushroom bed for microorganisms for human waste treatment and a microorganism resupply device for automatically resupplying a preset amount of microorganisms at preset time intervals.

Kato, Toshio
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Publication Date:
June 07, 2004
Filing Date:
December 27, 2001
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Kato, Tomoko
International Classes:
A47K11/00; A47K11/02; C02F1/00; C02F3/34; E03D5/014; E03D5/016; E03D11/00; (IPC1-7): E03D5/014; C02F1/00; C02F3/34; E03D5/016
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伴 正昭 (外1名)