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Japanese Patent JPS55139523
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PURPOSE:To prevent generation of noises due to eccentricity, by fitting a clutch release bearing carrying hub on the input shaft on an automobile in the manner that it is freely slidable only in the axial direction of the input shaft, and fitting the inner ring of a roller bearing on the hub while keeping its outer ring in engagement with a clutch release fork. CONSTITUTION:Hub 4 carrying thereon a clutch release bearing 1 is formed on its inner surface with spline 8 which is meshed with spline 9 formed on the outside of input shaft 2. The hub 4 is therefore rotated together with input shaft 2 and is capable of sliding in the axial direction of shaft 2. Further, inner ring 11 of shift bearing 10 provided separately of bearing 1 is fitted on hub 4, and its outer ring 12 is formed with a rib 5 which is engaged with a clutch release fork. With such an arrangement, outer ring 6 or inner ring 13a has a common center of rotation with diaphragm spring 7, since the center of rotation of bearing 1 is aligned with that of input shaft 2 and diaphragm spring 7. Therefore, it is enabled to prevent generation of noises due to eccentricity.

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Publication Date:
October 31, 1980
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April 19, 1979
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F16C19/50; F16C19/08; F16D23/14; (IPC1-7): F16C19/08; F16D23/14

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