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Japanese Patent JP2012247170
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To provide a cold air generating device lowering a temperature of air taken in by a cooling device compared to an outside air temperature, and supply the air of which temperature becomes lower than the outside air temperature by the cold air generating device to the cooling device, so as to reduce loads of a fan and compressor of the cooling device and thus, reduce electric power consumption.

The cold air generating device 1 sucks outside air, lowers a temperature of the outside air, and supplies the air to the cooling device 2 which makes a heating medium such as water come into direct or indirect contact with the air. The cold air generating device 1 includes: water absorbing materials 20 having water-absorbing properties and moisture-releasing properties; and a water supply portion 26 supplying water to the water absorbing materials 20. Outside air is taken in and is brought into contact with the water absorbing materials 20. By vaporization heat of the water held by the water absorbing materials 20, the temperature of the taken outside air is reduced.

Ozawa, Takahisa
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Publication Date:
December 13, 2012
Filing Date:
May 31, 2011
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F28C1/14; F28F25/08
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長谷川 好道
杉山 浩康