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Japanese Patent JP3146179
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To facilitate folding-up operation by adjustably arranging a connecting position of a lower link lever of a lower link frame, and arranging a seat back frame so that a fixed condition or an unfixed condition with a front leg frame can be selected.
SOLUTION: Lower parts of crossing parts of front and rear leg frames 1 and 2 are connected to each other by a lower link frame 4, and in the lower link frame 4, a base part of its lower link lever 41 is pivotally joined to a side lever part 22 of the rear leg frame 2, and a front lever part 42 is hookingly fastened to a hookingly fastening receiving part 13 so as to be selectable/ adjustable. At folding-up and housing time, a hooking lever 54 of a seat back frame 5 is separated from a receiving shaft, and the connection of the seat back frame 5 and the front leg frame 1 is released, and the seat back frame 5 can be independently rotated with a pivotally joining part with an upper link frame 3 as the center. Therefore, the upper link frame 3 is pushed downward, and when the seat back frame 5 is bent forward, it can be easily folded up.

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Takanami, Hisao
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Publication Date:
March 12, 2001
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September 19, 1997
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A47C3/023; A47C4/28; A47C5/10; (IPC1-7): A47C3/023; A47C4/28; A47C5/10
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近藤 彰