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Japanese Patent JP2012165854
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To provide a column support structure in which, in using a table with legs set up, column supports are extremely simply and firmly attached to a top plate or a bottom plate and in which, after the use of the table, the column supports are detached from the top plate without causing galling or the like.

In the column support structure in which a turning part 620 is fitted to a fixed part 610, the fixed part to be fastened to the top plate 1 and/or the bottom plate is composed of a first base 61 having an upward recess and a fitting projection 63 in the lower part and a second base 62 having a downward recess, and a hollow part is formed in-between. In the bottom face of the fitting projection, there are formed gently inclined spiral surfaces S1, S2 and an opening hole 64. Meantime, the turning part is formed in the tip end of the column support 2, a T-shaped locking rod 67 is erected nearly in the center of the tip end. The fitting projection of the first base is inserted and fit into the tip end on the turning part side, the locking stick 671 of the T-shaped locking rod inserted into the opening hole of the bottom face, and the column support is turned around the shaft, thereby fastening the locking stick on the spiral surfaces.

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September 06, 2012
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February 14, 2011
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A47B3/06; A47B91/00; F16B12/34; F16B12/44
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松波 祥文