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Japanese Patent JP2000329317
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To form a stable flame by providing a fluidized mixed fuel to a plurality of atomizing means and executing combustion while permitting a plurality of flames formed by the plurality of atomizing means to be in contact with each other.

A mixed fuel atomized by high pressure air in fuel nozzle 43 is jetted to a combustion chamber 48. Combustion air is swirled by a swirler 46 and entered into a combustion chamber 48. The atomized mixed fuel and the combustion air are mixed in the combustion chamber to form a flame 49 after being ignited by an ignitor. Likewise, the flame 49 is also formed by another burner 47. The burners 47 are arranged so that the thus formed flames are in contact with each other, and therefore heat loss rate from the flames to the surroundings is reduced as compared with the case of a single flame and high temperature is attained. Further, because of the presence of much more active chemical spices in the midst of reaction in the flames even when using a mixed fuel containing much uncombustible materials that can be hardly stably combusted by an ordinary single burner, a stabilized combustion is attained.

Koseki, Hideki
Honda, Tetsuya
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November 30, 2000
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May 21, 1999
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F23L15/00; F23C5/14; F23D17/00; F23D23/00; F23J1/00; (IPC1-7): F23D17/00; F23C5/14; F23D23/00; F23L15/00
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青山 葆 (外1名)