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Japanese Patent JP3476679
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To safely and inexpensively detect the presence of the analyte in a sample with high sensitivity by detecting the electromagnetic radiation emitted from a reagent to which a constant quantity of electrochemical energy is applied.
SOLUTION: When a reagent receives a constant quantity of electrochemical energy from a proper source capable of repeatedly emitting radiation, electromagnetic radiation is repeatedly emitted. An objective analyte and a reagent capable of competing with a complementary material are brought to a constant state with respect to the bonding region of the complementary material not usually present in a sample. However, the objective analyte and the reagent are brought into contact with each other under the optimum condition for competitively bonding them to the complementary material. A constant quantity of electrochemical energy is applied to the sample thus obtained from a proper source permitting the reagent to repeatedly emit radiation under the optimum condition permitting the reagent to emit electromagnetic radiation repeatedly. The electromagnetic radiation thus emitted is detected to also detect the presence of the analyte in the sample.

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December 10, 2003
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July 06, 1998
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G01N33/532; C07D213/22; C07D213/26; C07D213/30; C07D213/48; C07D213/54; C07D213/55; C07D213/73; C07D213/78; C07D401/06; C07D401/14; C07D405/06; C07D405/14; C07D473/08; C07F15/00; C07H19/073; C07H21/00; C07H21/04; C07J9/00; C07J17/00; C07J41/00; C07K1/113; C07K14/15; C07K14/575; C07K14/705; C07K14/76; C07K16/00; C09K11/06; C09K11/07; C12Q1/04; C12Q1/68; G01N21/76; G01N21/78; G01N27/26; G01N27/416; G01N33/533; G01N33/543; G01N33/569; G01N33/58; G01N33/76; (IPC1-7): G01N33/532; C07D213/73; C07K14/575; G01N21/78; G01N33/533; G01N33/543; G01N33/58
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浅村 皓 (外2名)