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Japanese Patent JP2005291160
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To provide a compressor capable of improving compression efficiency by restricting temperature rise of intake cooling medium gas without providing new members or remodeling structure.

A rear housing 14 provided with an intake chamber 24 and a discharge chamber 25 is jointed to an end surface of a cylinder block 11 through a valve/port forming member 13. The cylinder block 11 and a rear housing 14 are formed of aluminum alloy for achieving light weight. In the rear housing 1, a porous thermal spraying layer 37 is formed in wall surfaces of the intake chamber 24 and the discharge chamber 25. The thermal spraying layer 37 is formed of metal of lower heat conductivity than material composing the walls of the rear block 14. The thermal spraying layer 37 is formed of nickel, it is, for example, 150-200 μm thick, and its porosity is 5% or more.

Enoshima, Fuminobu
Fukanuma, Tetsuhiko
Ota, Masaki
Kinoshita, Kyoichi
Tanaka, Katsuaki
Tanizawa, Motoharu
Application Number:
Publication Date:
October 20, 2005
Filing Date:
April 02, 2004
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International Classes:
F04B39/06; F04B27/10; F04B39/12; (IPC1-7): F04B39/06; F04B27/10; F04B39/12
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
恩田 博宣
恩田 誠