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Japanese Patent JP2019052755
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To provide a conic roller bearing that has a contact angle of 35° or larger, and that can have a roller retainer assy retained not to separate from an inner ring when assembled and also separated from the inner ring when necessary, and hardly causes a defect in grease lubrication.SOLUTION: A conic roller bearing 11 which has a large flange part 13b projecting radially outward at a large diameter-side end of an inner ring raceway surface 13a of an inner ring 13, and also has a contact angle of 35° or larger is provided with a claw part 20c at an inner diameter part of a retainer 20, with an extension raceway surface 13c extending to a small-diameter side of the inner raceway surface 13a of the inner ring 13 on the small-diameter side, and with a small diameter-side flange part 13e projecting radially outward to the extension raceway surface at a small diameter-side end of the extension raceway surface 13c, and also has a hook margin where the claw part 20c of the retainer 20 is hooked at an outer-diameter part of the small diameter-side flange part 13e, a radial height of the hook margin being set to such a height that the roller retainer assy 21 can be separated from the inner ring 13.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

林 康由
脇坂 貴司
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April 04, 2019
Filing Date:
August 31, 2018
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F16C33/46; F16C19/36; F16C33/56; F16C43/04
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鳥居 和久
鳥居 洋