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Japanese Patent JP2007134079
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To provide a connector which can prevent the poor contact of a switch, which can support a plurality of kinds, and which has a good productivity in the connector with switch comprising a plug and a jack.

The connector comprises the plug in which plate-shaped contactors are placed on a top surface and a side surface, or on a bottom face and the side surface; and the jack in which a plate-shaped spring terminal on the top surface or the bottom face, and two pieces of plate-shaped spring contact terminals of a switch structure arranged on the side surface, are arranged. When the plug is inserted into the aperture of the jack, the plate-shaped contactor on the side surface of the plug contacts and pushes one of two pieces of plate-shaped spring contact terminals of the jack to open the contact with the other of two pieces of plate-shaped spring contact terminals. When the plug is pulled, the contact is closed between two pieces of plate-shaped spring contact terminals. The plug is composed of an insulating material configured so that the quantity protruded to the front surface at about the upper half portion is different from that at about the lower half portion, and is constructed so as to have a plurality of false insert prevention KEYs on the protruded side.

Nishikawa, Tsutomu
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Publication Date:
May 31, 2007
Filing Date:
November 08, 2005
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International Classes:
H01R13/707; H01H27/00; H01R13/64
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西山 恵三
内尾 裕一