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Japanese Patent JPS6420737
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PURPOSE: To easily attain restarting for power failure for a long period by receiving information including control information from other equipment, storing it again and starting the system after the count means is made coincident with a correct time.

CONSTITUTION: If power failure takes place to one control device and the control information stored in a storage section 14 is missing, a restoration detection section 19 detects power restoration at the restoration of power and an information request section 18 outputs a request notice of the present time and control information to a communication control section 12. The request notice is sent from the communication control section 12 and received by a communication control section 10. In receiving the request notice, the communication control section 10 sends the control information stored in the storage section 4 and the present time counted by the clock section 5. The information is received by the communication control section 12 and set at a setting section 13 and the control information is stored in the storage section 14 and the present time is set to the clock section 15. Thus, the control information and present time are finished for restoration.

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January 24, 1989
Filing Date:
July 15, 1987
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H04B7/155; (IPC1-7): H04B7/155

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