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Japanese Patent JPH05212592
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PURPOSE: To atain a smooth working motion and facilitate the synchronizing with the other device by preventing the rapid vertical movement of a ram by arranging a control mechanism consists of a link and a hydraulic cylinder between a turning shaft on the driving side and a driving shaft on the driven side which is orthogonal to the turning shaft on the driving side.

CONSTITUTION: An arm 26 which shifts the shaft 3 is fitted to the turning shaft 3 on which a descending wheel 4 and an ascending wheel 5 are fixed in parallel with each other. A crank mechanism 15 which moves vertically a ram 11, a flywheel 10 and a gear 20 which rocks corresponding to the turning position of the shaft 9 are provided on the driving shaft 9 which is orthogonal to the shaft 3. The arm 26 is connected to the cylinder side 33a of the hydraulic cylinder 33 through intermediate connecting rod 31 and rocking arms 30-29-32. The gear 20 is connected to the piston rod side 33b of the cylinder through a connecting rod 23 and rocking arms 22-21-24. A piping connects the hydraulic cylinder 33 and a hydraulic source through throttle valve and switching valve. The press work is controlled and the automation is facilitated by the composite operation of these mechanism.

Shibayama, Sakumasa
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August 24, 1993
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January 31, 1992
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B21D31/00; B30B1/22; B30B1/26; B30B15/14; B44B5/00; (IPC1-7): B21D31/00; B30B1/22; B30B1/26; B30B15/14; B44B5/00

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