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Japanese Patent JPS54114808
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PURPOSE:To prevent the application of the voltage at one time which is applied to the coil of an electromagnetic pump from a variable voltage power source appartus, by controlling the input power voltage. CONSTITUTION:The apparatus consists of a duct which serves as the flow passage for fluid conductor, an electromagnetic pump 4 which flows multiphase current in the coil of a stator which is wound around said duct and forms a shifting magnetic field in the direction of flow of the fluid conductor and provides a thrust force to the fluid conductor as secondary conductor, a variable voltage power source apparatus 12 which controls the input power voltage, as the power source for said pump 4, a condenser 14 connected in parallel with the pump 4, and a variable voltage power source controlling circuit which prevents the application of the total voltage at one time to the coil of the pump 4 and in which the application of the voltage increases continuously from zero to a prescribed voltage, on turning-ON of the power source for the pump or after power-source trip, and which is equipped with a detecting circuit 15, oscillation circuit 16, electromagnetic contactors 52-1-2, and a motor 13. This constitution prevents the application of the total voltage at one time, and bad influences to the electromagnetic pump 4 can be eliminated.

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September 07, 1979
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February 27, 1978
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H02K44/06; (IPC1-7): H02N4/20