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Japanese Patent JP2019100513
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To provide a corrugate tube holder which can swingably hold a corrugate tube and inhibit wear of the corrugate tube.SOLUTION: A vehicle body side holder 3 serving as a corrugate tube holder includes a rotary member 5 and a holding member 6. The rotary member 5 has: a spherical part 53 into which the corrugate tube 26 is inserted; and a cylindrical part 58 cylindrically extending from an outer surface of the spherical part 53. The holding member 6 has: a first housing part 63 which houses the spherical part 53 in a manner that the spherical part 53 can rotate in a three-dimensional direction; and a second housing part 64 which is located adjacent to the first housing part 63 and in which the corrugate tube 26 is arranged. The second housing part 64 is provided with a standing part 66 standing from a bottom surface 64a and located immediately below the cylindrical part 58. The standing part 66 is brought into contact with the cylindrical part 58 to restrict the corrugate tube 26 from being brought into contact with the bottom surface 64a of the second housing part 64.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3

山下 博司
関野 司
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Publication Date:
June 24, 2019
Filing Date:
December 07, 2017
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International Classes:
F16L3/16; B60R16/02; H02G3/04; H02G3/32; H02G11/00
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瀧野 文雄
津田 俊明
福田 康弘