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Japanese Patent JPH11141348
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To provide a crankless engine with less vibration and noise by connecting external pistons in a plurality of external cylinders having internal cylinders on the opposite side of combustion chambers to inside bottom pistons via piston rods and by leading a pressure oil generated by its operation to a turbine to perform work.

Intake/exhaust valves 3, 4, a fuel nozzle 7, an oxygen nodule 8 are so arranged as being faced to a combustion chamber 9 for each of a plurality of external cylinders 10 provided in parallel. An external piston 11 is reciprocatingly fitted in each of the external cylinders 10 and the external piston 11 is connected to the inside bottom piston in the cylinder 21. Internal cylinders 13 are provided in the opposite side of the combustion chambers 9 of the respective external cylinder 10, a pair of internal pistons 12a, 12b are fitted in each of the internal cylinders 13, and the one internal pistons of the pairs mutually and the other internal pistons mutually are connected to each other by a flow passage 115. The operation of the inside bottom cylinder 20 generates the pressure oil, leads it to the turbine and makes it to work.

Tabuchi, Zenichi
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Publication Date:
May 25, 1999
Filing Date:
November 11, 1997
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F02B71/00; (IPC1-7): F02B71/00
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竹中 一宣