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Japanese Patent JP2016138642
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve assembling characteristics of a cross roller bearing having a filler piece installed between adjoining rollers.SOLUTION: This invention is constituted in such a way that a plurality of rollers 3 arranged among inclined raceway surfaces 1a, 1a of an outer ring 1 and inclined raceway surfaces 2a, 2a of an inner ring 2, their inclining directions may alternatively be changed in a peripheral direction and a disc-like filler piece 4 arranged between the adjoining rollers 3 is made of magnetic steel material, and a pre-magnetized filler piece 4 is assembled between the outer ring 1 and the inner ring 2 under an integral assembly formed with the adjoining roller 3 at one side in a bearing circumferential direction with its magnetism, so that, as compared with the prior art that a roller and a filler piece are alternatively assembled one by one, the number of steps for assembling work for the roller 3 and the filler piece 4 can be satisfied with only half of it and assembly characteristic of the cross roller bearing can be improved.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3

横山 健
村上 史宏
眞継 阿沙葵
伊藤 秀司
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Publication Date:
August 04, 2016
Filing Date:
January 29, 2015
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International Classes:
F16C19/36; F16C33/37; F16C43/06
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鎌田 直也
鎌田 文二
中谷 弥一郎