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Japanese Patent JP3451421
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for culturing pumpkins for increasing the yield of pumpkins having a good taste based on an area depending upon the characteristics of pumpkins and improving a taste.
SOLUTION: This method for culturing pumpkins comprises a first process for forming ridges 2 having fixed width in the longitudinal direction in a field 1, manuring and tilling the field around the ridges 2, mulching 3 the ridges and transplanting seedlings, a second process for letting vines 5A grow in one side direction with the growth of seedlings, manuring and tilling a second tilling section 6 set ahead a tip 3A of mulching after the tips of vines reach the top 3A of mulching, a third process for introducing the vines 5A to a second estimated line 6A and manuring and tilling a final tilling section 7 being the residual part according to the second process and a fourth process for successively extending young vines at the tip of the vines 5A so as to lie on the root of the adjoining ridge and partially reusing the field 1 since the leaves of pumpkins are aged from the root at a time when the vines 5A reach the rear end 3B of mulching of the adjoining ridge and withering starts.

Mori, Takeshi
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Publication Date:
September 29, 2003
Filing Date:
January 28, 1998
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Mori, Takeshi
International Classes:
A01G1/00; (IPC1-7): A01G1/00