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Japanese Patent JPS5590210
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PURPOSE: A cutting machine, in which a rotary unit, providing a plurality of heads, is axially supported in an angle of 45°, with a miniaturization aimed, simulataneously with the head made easily exchangeable in a horizontal portion of the mounting surface.

CONSTITUTION: A rotary unit 27 is axially supported rotatably by a bearing unit 31, and a flange 27' is guided by a guide rail 5 provided with a slope angle of 45°. To a plurality of mounting surfaces 28 of the rotary unit 27, is separably held a head 42 with a cutting tool T arranged and installed. A rotation of the rotary unit 27 makes any one of the mounting surfaces 28 in a horizontal or vertical position. With the head replaceed in the horizontal position and pushed by a slide box 7 in the vertical position, the tool T is driven and the work on a table 2 is processed.

Sato, Mitsuyoshi
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Publication Date:
July 08, 1980
Filing Date:
December 22, 1978
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International Classes:
B23B39/16; B23Q3/155; (IPC1-7): B23B39/20
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