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Japanese Patent JPS5621723
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PURPOSE: To improve a work environment, work efficiency and accuracy of a product when the cutting work of a plate material is performed by using a rotary edge, by cutting the plate material from its front side to rear side, injecting water jet to cutting blades and cleaning the cutting blades.

CONSTITUTION: When a plate material like building materials is cut by using a rotary cutter like circular saws, the rotary cutter 1 is rotated through a shaft 2 and motor 3 to allow its rotary edge 6 to cut the plate material 4 from its side A toward its side B. The plate material 4 is shifted on, for instance, rollers 5 in a direction X, and a water jet nozzle 12 is separately provided at the side B of the plate material 4 to inject water, fed from a pump 9, tank 3 and pipes 10, 11 as a jet 13 from the nozzle 12 and clean chips 7 adhering to the blades 6. Accordingly, the water can cool the blade 6 and remove the chips thus to perform a repeated work of cutting in a normal state.

Hoshino, Kenzo
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Publication Date:
February 28, 1981
Filing Date:
July 20, 1979
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International Classes:
B23D47/00; (IPC1-7): B23D47/00