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Japanese Patent JP2000110802
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To control the position of a cylinder at high stopping accuracy only by an air source in a place having no hydraulic source and to be used under a high-temperature atmosphere by constituting a drive source of a cylinder of a pneumatic driven hydraulic pump and a selector means of a solenoid valve respectively.

A pneumatic pressure supplied from a Sup.13 is reduced to a prescribed pressure by a pressure reducing valve 14 as necessary. A pneumatic driven hydraulic pump 11 has such a mechanism as stopping the operation at generating a prescribed oil pressure. For example, when a rod 3 of a cylinder 1 is in the completely drawn back state and a command signal of thrusting out the rod 3 for a prescribed stroke is inputted, MV2 and MV4 of solenoid valves 12 for operating the cylinder 1 are opened so that the rod 3 of the cylinder 1 is thrust out. The stroke is fed back to a controller 7 by a feedback sensor 5 and, when it reaches a prescribed stroke, MV2 and MV4 are closed. This constitution can highly precisely control the position of the cylinder at low cost.

Kashimoto, Haruo
Imashiro, Masato
Mizutani, Masashi
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Publication Date:
April 18, 2000
Filing Date:
October 06, 1998
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F15B9/08; G05D3/12; (IPC1-7): F15B9/08; G05D3/12
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高木 義輝