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Japanese Patent JP2019143758
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To provide a cylindrical rolling bearing which can increase the number of pieces of rollers without enlarging a bearing size, is high in the stiffness of a cage, and can prevent the damage of a raceway surface and the shortage of an oil film, and a manufacturing method of the cage.SOLUTION: A cylindrical rolling bearing 1 comprises an inner ring 2, a plurality of cylindrical rollers 3 and a cage 4, and assembled into an internal periphery of an outside-diameter side member 5. The inner ring 2 has inside-diameter side collars 2b protruding to an outside-diameter side at both sides of an inner raceway surface 2a in an axial line. The cage 4 has a roller holding part 6 located at an inside-diameter side rather than a pitch circle in an alignment row of the cylindrical rollers 3, and a flange part 7 extending to an outside-diameter side from an axial end of the roller holding part 6. In the roller holding part 6, two cylindrical guided parts 6b located at both sides in the axial direction are connected to each other by a plurality of column parts 6c which are aligned in a circumferential direction. The guided parts 6b at both the sides in the axial direction are guided by external peripheral faces of the inside-diameter side collars 2b.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

山田 悠介
堀 径生
静内 誠
森内 光洋
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August 29, 2019
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February 23, 2018
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F16C33/54; B21D22/14; B21D53/12; F16C19/26; F16C43/04
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野田 雅士
杉本 修司

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