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Japanese Patent JP2019011816
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To dissolve flame off false detection caused by sticking of a spring seat in a damper device used for a vehicle detecting flame off by detecting rotational speed variation.SOLUTION: A device comprises: a first flywheel 2; a second flywheel 3 including an output plate 33; first and second torsion springs 41 and 42 arranged between the first flywheel 2 and the output plate 33; a first spring seat 45; and a spare pressure mechanism. The first spring seat 45 is arranged between the output plate 33 and the first torsion spring 41, and is movable in the rotative direction. At the time of power transmission between the first flywheel 2 and the output plate 33, before the first spring seat 45 shifts to the rotative direction, the spare pressure mechanism changes the posture of the first spring seat 45 and compresses the first torsion spring 41 only specified quantity.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3A

古志 和啓
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January 24, 2019
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June 30, 2017
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F16F15/133; F16F15/134
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