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Japanese Patent JP2019060452
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To provide a damper which enables easy optimization of characteristics of an accumulator and enables easy installation operation.SOLUTION: A damper D of the invention includes: a cylinder 1; a piston 2 which is slidably inserted into the cylinder 1 and partitions the interior of the cylinder 1 into an extension side chamber R1 and a pressure side chamber R2; a rod 3 which is inserted into the cylinder 1 and connected to the piston 2; an external cylinder 4 which is disposed at the outer periphery side of the cylinder 1 and covers the cylinder 1; and an accumulator A installed between the cylinder 1 and the external cylinder 4. The accumulator A has: a housing 10 provided with one or more holes 10a; free pistons 11, each of which is slidably inserted into the hole 10a; and spring elements 12, each of which biases the free piston 11 to the liquid chamber side.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

三橋 浩司
長峰 有佐
中原 学
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Publication Date:
April 18, 2019
Filing Date:
September 28, 2017
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カヤバ システム マシナリー株式会社
International Classes:
F16F9/32; F16F9/19
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石川 憲
天野 泉